Welcome to my ever growing list of current and past business experiences. Compiling this list was a trip down memory lane. I hope it gives you better insight into what I've done professionally.

Having grown up on a Native American Reservation - being one of only a few of my childhood classmates to graduate college - I am extremely proud of all I've done in life.

Over the past couple decades, I've had the privilege of working with so many amazing people. And along the way, we built some interesting businesses together.

I am grateful for my place in the world and I will never forget where I came from.

-- Brad


I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I've been in business since middle school. Looking back on my life, it feels like an endless rollercoaster. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sitecast - Founder & CEO

Launching is the culmination of my life's work. All of the sites I've built, the apps I've coded, and the businesses I've helped build paired with my many interests, hobbies, and passions led me to invent the platform.

Our site builder, cloud-based IDE, and API integrations shortens dev cycles and increases a front-end developer's freedom to get creative with the web. We were one of the first to deploy SSL certificates on the fly, we've been serverless for years, and we intend on pushing the boundaries of what innovations are possible.

This website as well as many others out there on the internet are happily powered by Sitecast.

Icing on the cake? My partner in life, Rubie, is also my partner in business. She's an engineer who has gracefully adopted the role of COO. But any given day, we both wear many different hats.

Going into the next few years, we have HUGE future plans for Sitecast.

Academy on the Go - Co-Founder & CTO

We had an incredible experience building Academy on the Go to just over 5,000 enrolled students. Our courses and digital goal achievement software taught soft skills they could use throughout life.

Some day we will bring it back. But Sitecast became my baby, so we put the academy on hold.

The academy was designed to help busy people continually improve their lives. From health & peak performance to money & business, we offered highly condensed, research-based, and actionable master courses and success tools.

We built a web-based activity and goal tracker years before they became popular in the app stores. I am very proud of everything we created to bring the academy to life.

Between the interactive courses, integrated goal tracker, and repository of helpful articles, we believe we made an impact in our student's lives.

Visible North - Principal & Creative Designer

After college, I decided to up-level my website builds. So I created a marketing firm and crafted some really cool sites and online marketing campaigns. Everything from resorts and cruises to publications and e-commerce.

It was a one-stop shop for websites, I even did photography for some of the sites.

We put a heavy focus on conversion rate optimization and continuously tweaked the search engine strategies.

During those years, I had hosted numerous events and workshops for folks to learn new methods of marketing. And in the process, I fell in love with teaching. Which led me to shifting focus and building Academy on the Go.

Precision Computer Solutions - Owner & Lead Technician

By the age of 12, I was doing all sorts of technical jobs around the area.

I made websites for local businesses, I built & fixed computers, installed electronics, you name it. Throughout my school years I worked on many various tech tasks.

Probably the coolest client of mine was a major sound stage in New York City. I was a freshman in high school and they would use my ftp server to send audio files to their customers.

Gauthier Cablevision & Electric - Technician's Apprentice

From the time I could first walk, some of my earliest memories are of working alongside my father, Chuck, at his Cable Television business on the Reservation.

During my school years, my dad taught me how to build, troubleshoot, and fix almost anything.

We worked on everything from satellites, cable transmissions, & amplifiers to construction, vehicle repair, and more. I was even trusted with solely running, designing, and maintaining the community TV channel!

Those younger years were filled with valuable experiences and are a huge reason for my current success and knowledge.


Giving back to the community is a big priority to me. Beyond the occassional volunteering opportunity, I've also accepted a position on a board of directors. Below are some of my more recent activities.

Vilas County Economic Development Corporation - Director

Honored and humbled to share the conference room table with an impressive list of successful folks. We also all share a love for the Northwoods of Wisconsin and strive to make it grow into its fullest potential.

Some of our current initiatives consist of expanding high-speed internet & cellular coverage, building incubators & features to support the growing list of businesses in the area, and promoting the Northwoods to attract millenials, remote workers, & entrepreneurs.

University of Portland - Entrepreneurship Program

UP's entrepreneurship program is wonderful. Lots of talented, ambitious students with great ideas. Also, the leaders are impressive and quite knowledgeable.

During my time in Portland, I mentored and provided guidance, both business and technical. The best part was the student's naiveté kept me on my toes as they forced me to constantly think outside the box on all sorts of ways to accomplish things.

Ongoing Mentorship - Business, Coding, and Life Skills

I've worked with colleges, code schools, and K-12's to provide a helping hand to those who need guidance. While I'm very selective of who I mentor, I strongly believe anyone can learn to accomplish anything.

Through my various businesses and teachings, I've learned how to communicate very complex topics in an easy-to-understand process. From productivity to code, I enjoy helping others increase their skillset.


I love learning. And I am forever a student of the world. Because there will always be something new to learn, a new rock to turn over.

St. Norbert College - Business, Psychology, & Economics

Considered at the time, one of top 3 colleges in the Midwest, SNC was the source of my formal education. I cruised through the college in three years and earned my expensive piece of paper. It was one of those experiences I don't regret. But given the choice, I wouldn't do again. It took a mound of student loan debt to discover I learn better when I teach myself.

Continual Self-Study - Every Topic Imaginable
1986-my last breath

I love non-fiction (and some fiction) books. I'm an auto-didact and an avid consumer of audiobooks as well as educational videos. Any downtime is the perfect moment to learn. I've taught myself all sorts of skills including coding, productivity, even golf.

Notable Events

Occasionally I’m asked to talk, train, or judge at various events. I enjoy them immensely, so I always try to find the time. I’ve done everything from small business workshops to judging international start-up pitch competitions.

University of Oregon - Judge, International New Venture Challenge

University of Portland - Judge, $100k Challenge

Lewis & Clark Law School - Judge, American Bar Association Moot Court Competition

University of Arizona - Guest Speaker, SaaS workshop

WeWork - Presenter, pitch event

Founders Live Portland - Presenter, pitch event

VEX Robotics Competition, Wisconsin - Judge

Starve Ups Launch Pad - Panelist

NewTech PDX - Presenter, pitch event

1 Million Cups - Presenter, pitch event

Startup Weekend Vancouver - Pitch Coach

Connected Educator Appreciation Day, Global Summit - Panelist

Cult of Startup - Podcast guest, 2-hour interview

Vilas County Economic Development Annual Meeting - Panelist

Minocqua Chamber of Commerce - Guest Trainer, business/marketing workshops

Wausau Chamber of Commerce - Guest Trainer, business/marketing workshops

MadJS - Guest Lecturer, How to Build Serverless Sites

Nicolet College - Adjunct Professor, business/marketing workshops

Northcentral Technical College - Adjunct Professor, business/marketing workshops

CityPages - Cover photo, featured story

Headwaters Builders Association - keynote, Importance of Your Web Presence

Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) - Guest Trainer - business development workshop

Epicodus Code School - Guest Speaker, 10 Skills for Skyrocketing Your Success as a Coder

Select Partnerships

Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with other business owners, teams, and organizations to help them improve their websites, marketing & sales, and even entire business models.

Each company I've helped over the past two decades had its unique challenges and solutions. So it’s incredibly rewarding to personally contribute and watch their evolution over the years.

Side note: while I’m fairly selective of who I personally partner with these days, if you have a unique business challenge you think technology could fix, I would love to hear from you. Let’s explore your goals!

Booth Lake Landing Resort

This was a fun and incredibly rewarding summer project. Worked with the owners to completely build their online presence, brochures, and more. I even did the cabin photography! They have since filled all of their cabins every summer going on a decade with the same website. Update: We recently rebuilt the original website and it's even more gorgeous!

Bull Run Distillery

The team at Bull Run needed a revamped web presence and partnered with me to launch a beautiful new site, a custom event manager, and ensure everything was search and mobile friendly. The whiskey was tasty too.

Catalyst Medical Center & Clinical Spa

The team and I were tasked with completely rebuilding the medical center's website. In the process we built all sorts of cool features for them including an online shop for their spa, a resource library, and an event manager. It was a large project and we did it on time and within budget.

First Circle Investments / Venture Fund

Built a portal for the members of the investment group. Integrated a CRM. Did some technical advising on start-ups.


The team and I built their beta app. It was an event collaboration platform. We incorporated calendars, real-time search, messaging, payments, and more. Was an exciting and fast-paced build process.

Howard Young Foundation

The non-profit asked me to help them raise $3.5 million for their new philanthropic campaign: Tick-Borne Illness Research. This, paired with raising additional funds for their autism center, food pantry, and hospitals, was a very rewarding project and is one of the highlights of my career.

Insurance Group of Wisconsin

Rebuilt their entire web presence, designed the logo, consulted them on internet marketing, we even took the employee headshots. It was a complete rebrand and was quite the journey.

Lakeland Times

Partnering with the 100+ year old newspaper to transform their print edition into the web has been very rewarding. Tens of thousands of articles over the year are now accessible by anyone on the web.

Leinenkugel's Brewing Company

The team at the Leinie Lodge reached out to me for help boosting their online merchandise revenue. Through exhaustive research by my team and I, we crafted an in-depth Conversion Roadmap for the team to begin using state-of-the-art software to monitor campaigns, grow high-quality traffic, and increase conversions. We actively help define strategy and implementation based around Conversion Rate Optimization.

Little Tykes Playhouse

Years back, I designed a playful site for the daycare and I heard the parents liked it.

Livewell360 Fitness Bags

Worked with the founders to custom build their e-commerce platform. Had built in shipping dashboard, affiliate tracking, and basic CRM. The founders used it until they successfully exited the company.

Mike Murphy Fish Decoys

This was my first paid website design. It was 1998 and I was only 12 years old. I helped a local Native American artist on my Reservation showcase and sell his hand-carved fish decoys online. Teaching myself many new skills along the way, I built him a website, scanned (yes, scanned) product photos, set up the server, and launched the e-commerce site.

Northwoods Insider

Years back, I was asked to build a platform for publishing news for a local group. The design reflected the Northwoods motif and was one of my favorite old web designs.

Northwoods River News

Built the online publishing platform for the local newspaper in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Was a drastic improvement over their previous online presence.

Osher Günsberg Podcast

A few years ago, Osher, a radio/tv personality, contacted me to build a website for a popular podcast. The design fit the show well and the site was well received.

Pinewood Golf Club

About a decade ago, the club didn't need a new website, they needed optimizations. I SEO'd it, tweaked some copy, and refactored a ton of code. Afterwards, the site jumped in the search engine results.

Plum Ideas

Lisa came to me with a need for a new web presence. Built a gorgeous site for her agency and taught her about SEO.

Potawatomi Carter Casino

I partnered with the casino to rebuild their website. Was a huge project and the marketing director loved the site.

Redman Realty Group

My team and I built a high-converting sales funnel for their million-dollar home listings. The micro-site generator works beautifully and truly showcases the properties in the best way possible.

Snowtrekker Tents

Designed a complete rebrand of their award winning winter camping tents. Once we launched their new online presence, they have had a remarkable upswing in sales and are consistently selling more than ever in their history.

Startup Chronicle

I was interviewed by Startup Chronicle. A couple months after the interview, the founder asked us to build a new site for his video-based publication. The site was very well received.

Starve Ups Accelerator

Started with the prestigious Oregon-based startup accelerator as a member. After a couple years, my company Sitecast, transitioned into their strategic technology partner. We built their website on our platform and has a member directory, event calendar, video library, and more.

Storybook Metal Shop

They craft beautiful metal work. And after I revamped their website, their web presence finally showcased it all. Told me many times how they loved the site.

Superior Diesel

I was brought in to help revitalize their web presence. I taught them strategies on SEO, how to convert visitors, and other general web marketing techniques.

The Beacons of Minocqua

Created a new brand and website for the famous resort in the Northwoods of Minocqua. The conversion funnel we designed worked better than we imagined. They have seen their bookings and inquiries skyrocket!

Timber Ridge Golf Club

About 15 years back, I was asked to take photos of the course, build the site, and help them convert website visitors to tee-times. Since I love golf, it was one of my favorite projects.

Tom Tiffany for Senate

Helped Tom with his web presence during multiple successful runs for political office. Learned the ins and outs of political races. And saw first-hand the importance of a politician's website. Was a very educational time!

Unique Floors and Interiors

Created a unique website for Bryan's flooring company. The site was used for a decade and he told me how they continuously received compliments on the design.

Unmistakable Creative Podcast

With, at the time, over 400 episodes, I helped rebrand the old podcast into the current iteration. We changed the name, built out a custom audio platform, and successfully re-launched the podcast. With it reaching iTunes' featured lists multiple times.

WePost Media

Built out the site for a marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. We put a big emphasis on conversion strategy and gathering prospects.

Wetlands and Waterways

Ann came to me with an idea to start her business. While working together, I built her a website, taught her how to blog, consulted her on technology, and more. It was full of learning experiences helping her launch the business from scratch.

Wildwood Golf Club

Years back, I custom built a website for the golf club in my hometown. I'll accept any excuse to get me on a golf course.

Wisconsin Native Loan Fund

The non-profit asked me to build their initial website. I incorporated many local Native designs within the site. Also did some consulting around generating donations.

Wisconsin River Cruises

Partnered with the owners to completely revamp their online presence. Almost a decade later, the website is still up and is powering their guest generation funnel.

Select Testimonials & Praise

Lisa Petrilli

Lisa Petrilli


C-Level Strategies

Bradley has my highest level of endorsement because I trust him to consistently give me stellar advice. He is working with me on the marketing optimization of two websites, and has found a way to create an online solution for a client of mine that no one else was able to develop. I know we will have a long-term working relationship, and I recommend Bradley to every business leader who is also looking for a web expert you can respect and trust to deliver results!

Chris Marin

Chris Marin


I met Brad years ago when I was working on my first startup - a consumer app that was tough as nails to monetize. Learning from and working alongside Brad, he showed me the world of selling into other companies. Four companies later, I've never looked back. Brad is the reason I broke into B2B midsize/enterprise sales and helped generate millions in new ARR for other businesses. For that, I thank him.

Sekou Andrews

Sekou Andrews


SekouWorld Inc.

Brad did a great job not only designing my original site for The Awesome Anthem, but also advising me on best design practices for conversion and sales. I was quite pleased with the result and his commitment to quality service. It was a pleasure to work with him!

Ann Key

Ann Key


Wetlands and Waterways, LLC

I contacted Bradley initially to help me design a website for my new company. Much to my amazement, Bradely designed an outstanding website for me and also taught me how to work with it in ways that help market my company better. Bradley is extremely talented in web design but more so, he is a marketing expert and is very knowledgable of new, creative ways to market your firm. I would highly recommend Bradley to any firm, large or small, for marketing consulting and web design.

John Friess

John Friess

Serial Entrepreneur

Starve Ups Accelerator

These projects have only been possible, at the level they are being tackled, because Sitecast is our technology partner.

Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald

Director of Communication

Huffington Post

Brad is a wealth of information when it comes to online marketing. His insights into the psychology of the consumer and how it translates into practical results for his clients make him a valued member of any business.

Whether you are designing a website, creating an online marketing strategy, or integrating a social media campaign, Brad should not only be consulted, but have him give you understandable facts before talking to anyone else.

Liat Gat

Liat Gat



Bradley consulted with me on the design and SEO strategy for an e-commerce website redesign. He helped me understand why my current site wasn't getting good SEO results and email list conversions. He also gave me great, concrete advice to use on my site redesign that I hadn't heard or learned anywhere else.

The depth of Bradley's expertise is astonishing - I continue to be amazed and gratified by how much I learn from him and his classes.

Paul Liniger

Paul Liniger


Gerp Versatile Grip

Brad and the Sitecast team have been extremely instrumental in helping me achieve my business goals. The platform he has developed is innovative and has been critical in allowing me to save money and increase efficiency with my web and software needs. Brad is solution oriented and does a great job listening. His knowledge of software applications combined with his big vision and impeccable ethics make him a great asset and a trusted adviser for our business.

Rick Montgomery

Rick Montgomery


Northern Air Merchant Services / First Data

Since my first meeting with Bradley I knew this guy was a special breed. The new ideas and concepts and indepth understanding of the new age of marketing a business was extremely evident! Brad has the innate ability to see the big picture that will propel a business to success. Advertising,SEO,Conversion Optimization, Merchandising, Store front signs, color schemes, brick and motor lay outs. There is nothing that escapes his mind or expertise! Use him, it will be the best thing you have ever done for your business.

Michelle Madl-Soehren

Michelle Madl-Soehren

Business Development Specialist

Nicolet Area Technical College

I recently have had the opportunity to contract and work with Bradley to do some public speaking, training and development for Nicolet Area Technical College, Rhinelander, WI. His enthusiasm as an entrepreneur is inspiring and contagious! Training participants have responded favorably to his presentations and we look forward working with Bradley as a subject matter expert in the field of social networking, entrepreneurial development, web development and business assistance. If you are looking for someone to speak for one of your professional events, who is energetic and thinks outside-of-the box, I highly recommend Bradley Gauthier.

Bassel (Boz) Menzalji

Bassel (Boz) Menzalji



I've known Brad for a bit over a year, and throughout our relationship he was our go-to for anything/everything related to tech.

In October of 2016, we engaged Brad to build our MVP. As an early-stage startup, we had limited resources, needed a functional product and technical guidance. Brad and his team devised a plan, and checked in with us every two weeks to walk us through the process. More importantly, he shed light on numerous things that weren't on our radar by architecting an open-ended foundation for us to continue building on.

I'd encourage you to learn more about Sitecast as their team is great to work with.

Osher Gunsberg

Osher Gunsberg

Tv/Radio Personality

Host of The Bachelor Australia & The Bachelorette Australia

Bradley and his team have everything I wanted.

Their design and interface is as clean, slick and functional as their service and support. Also, they're just nice people. And who doesn't want to work with nice people?

Cole Preece

Cole Preece


Trade with Tricia

Bradley is an inspiration.

He is one of the most talented developers I’ve ever met, but his laundry list of talents and skills isn’t even the best part about working with him: it’s his mindset. He loves feedback, is a sponge, and leads through serving and empowering those around him. He is a master of harnessing creative potential and inventing truly innovative solutions.

Myself and many others will attest: working with Brad is a privilege.

Lisa Diomede

Lisa Diomede


Plum Ideas, Inc.

Working with Brad on the launch of my new website and identity was an extremely enjoyable experience. He's well-versed in numerous technology platforms, highly knowledgeable in user experience and everything SEO related. He provided extremely valuable guidance and insight in all these areas along the way to ensure the best possible results. He was laser-focused on the overall goals of the project during the entire engagement.

Brad takes great pride in his work and his extensive training exceeded my expectations. He's pleasant, responsive and reliable. I would recommend Brad to clients, colleagues and friends alike.

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